About The App

Hello from the Be My Guide™ team at Senses Australia.

Firstly, we thank you for viewing this app, we hope with the right instruction and practice you will use this app therefore making your day that little bit easier. At this early stage of you deciding whether this is app is right for you, it’s worth noting that Be My Guide™ is not designed to take the user from door to door. In the case you require greater support to meet your mobility needs it might be advisable to arrange a meeting with our qualified Orientation and Mobility Instructors.

At Senses Australia we strive to be innovative hence our app. Be My Guide™ is designed to be simple to use and shared with family and friends. There is also the option for you to register with a trained Volunteer. Also, please be advised should you consider it necessary Senses Australia can arrange for you to meet with one of our Orientation and Mobility Instructors.

As a guide to allow you to consider whether to choose this app please consider the following basics which are necessary and worthwhile for you in making the right decision:

  • You will need a Smart Phone to be able to download the Be My Guide™ app
  • You will need to have 4G to get the best from the app such as connectivity
  • Family and friends who are phone contacts and willing to act as your remote Guide (Volunteer can be arranged)
  • Travel regularly and with confidence, good coping skills in busy environments such as train/bus stations, shopping centres, locating entrances and exits
  • Just wish for an app that gives you that final piece of key information to help you on your way with little fuss