What is O&M

Senses Australia provides an orientation and mobility service to people throughout Western Australia as part of our Low Vision Service.  To find out more about this service visit Sensory Services, call 1300 111 881 or email customerserviceadvisor@senses.org.au.

O&M is about knowing where you are and how you are going to get there.  Orientation is something we need in order to know how to move from one place to another.  We all need to know what direction to take, how to problem solve and use landmarks.  Mobility is about how we physically move from one place to another.  For some people this may include the use of white canes.

A vision impairment can impact on your ability to feel safe while moving within your chosen environment.  If you have a vision impairment, you may benefit from meeting with an O&M Instructor, where they may provide suggestions on how to use landmarks for orientation or support you to find a safe place to cross the road.  O&M Instructors may suggest mobility aids to maximise your senses such as visual aids (monocular), glare aids, tactile maps or other sensory aids to assist with object detection.  Technology such as GPS may also assist you with orientation for route travel.  A mobility aid such as a white cane may be suggested if you have trouble detecting bumps, dips or obstacles in your path.

After you’ve worked with an O&M Instructor the Be My Guide app can continue to support you when you need it most.